1929 - 2019

For 90 years Demarne has been a bridge between seafood production and its final distribution. We market a wide variety of seafood products of all kinds.

We have a market-driven organization that allows us to offer the best products at the best time in order to meet our clients’ needs and expectations. We are also actively concerned with food safety and consumers’ protection, while defending essential values such as taste, respect for the product, people and their environment

The Company History

1929 : Yvonne Demarne founds the company, a mussels retail business, in the heart of the market of Les Halles in Paris.
1945 : Henri & Roger, Yvonne’s sons, relaunch the company after World War II.
1957 : Demarne Frères develops its activities outside of Paris with the Boulogne-sur-Mer branch opening.
1969 : Demarne Frères moves from les Halles de Paris to Rungis International Market.
2009 : Creation of a processing and packing unit at Demarne Boulogne
2014 : Demarne acquires the company Idées Halles, specialised in mass catering.
Today : The company is managed by the third and fourth Demarne family generations and keeps on growing while remaining true to its traditional values.

Key figures

170 employees : 90 in Rungis International Market & 80 in Boulogne-sur-Mer

2 sites :

Rungis International Market : a 5000m² warehouse & 1000m² dedicated to the « pavilions »

Boulogne-sur-Mer : a 3000m² site

Sales turnover : 150 millions €

Volumes : 24.000 tons

In Rungis, the world’s biggest fresh produce market

The seafood sales pavilion/sector (A4)
Traditional direct sales to professionals
Specialised buyers experts in one product
The market is a show-case for Demarne’s
products and know-how
The warehouse
Commercial and institutional catering
Hypermarkets & supermarkets, manufacturers, wholesalers
Export to Europe, Asia and Middle East

In Boulogne-sur-Mer, the largest fishing port of France

Sourcing raw materials in Northern Europe,
wholesale fish trade filleting, portioning
Our own branded production

Idées Halles

Subsidiary firm specialised in institutional catering
Specific target clientele : mass catering
Self-managed or franchised businesses or school canteens
Wide range of portioned fresh or frozen fishes

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  • Pavillon de la Marée - Rungis
    5, Rue des Claires 94569 Rungis Cedex
  • Boulogne-sur-Mer
    5, Rue d'Alsace 62200

The seafood sales pavilion facilities, which were inaugurated in 2004, fully meet the food safety requirements and welcome each night (from Monday night to Saturday morning) a variety of clients such as retailers, restaurateurs, wholesalers from the region of Ile-de-France, from all over the country and a few neighbouring countries.

Our store is a true showcase for our products of any origin and has been divided into several sectors, each of them corresponding to a specific product family.

Each department is seeking new products for customers mainly willing to get ultra-fresh quality products.It is a welcoming place, where our increasingly demanding clientele can easily discover new products. Every night the seafood sales pavilion reveives numerous clients.

Our warehouse is located a few metres from the seafood sales pavilion. It provides support to night distribution services, hosts administrative divisions and specific commercial department dedicated to clients outside the Rungis Market.

This commercial department is organized by types of clients : collective and commercial catering, medium and large-sized distribution companies, generalist distributors manufacturers, wholesalers, processed food products cash and carry, exportation.
Our sales staff provides logistics solutions, draws up products/services specifications thanks to Demarne’s product expertise and specific business knowledge.

Demarne has been established since 1957 in Boulogne-sur-Mer, France’s main fishing port and Europe’s leading seafood processing pole. The site was extended and modernized over the years to reach a 3000m2 surface area in 2006, comprising entirely refrigerated workshops, warehouses and live fish tanks.

Demarne Boulogne is organized into 5 business units in order to best meet the needs of the different distribution channels : wholesale & « traditional » retail (fishmongers, restaurants, caterers, seafood wholesalers etc.), Manufacturers, Large and medium sized distribution companies, Cash and carry (direct sales to seafood professionals), Fish trade and sourcing raw materials

Fish trade workshop
Created and integrated into the Boulogne site in 2009, the Demarne fish trade workshop enables us to respond to the specific needs of our clients. Our workshop is working closely with our sourcing department, selecting fisheries and fishing boats from Northern Europe. It relies on carefully selected and high qualified personnel and full support from the quality control department.

The product range varies according to supply and comprises both traditional products and catering specific products such as fillets gutted and descaled or ready to cook species.
Our workshop has been designed and organized to be a flexible and responsive tool. The raw materials careful selection enables us to guarantee the quality and regularity of our branded production, which is also identified by a stamped packaging.

Our sites :

Entrepôt - Rungis :
5 rue des Claires – MIN CS 10040 - 94569 Rungis Cedex

5, Rue d'Alsace 62200 Boulogne-sur-Mer

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Produit du moment

La Crevette impériale de David Hervé

Élevée dans des bassins d'affinage en Charente-Maritime du 15 avril au 1er novembre, à raison de deux crevettes au mètre carré, la crevette impériale bénéficie d’un savoir-faire et d'une méthode de production entièrement naturelle. Sans aucun apport de nourriture et de conservateur, elle puise dans les claires tous les nutriments indispensables à sa croissance.

Un produit d'exception, confidentiel, qui doit sa qualité à un travail préparatoire des claires minutieux, de janvier à fin mars.

Livrée vivante, la crevette impériale étonne par la subtilité de ses saveurs et sa texture charnue et ferme. Un délice haut de gamme, à apprivoiser en tartare ou cuite à la plancha.

Produit du moment

La Moule de Bouchot Morisseau

La moule Morisseau® est le fruit d’un environnement exceptionnel et du terroir généreux des côtes bretonnes.

La méthode d’élevage sur bouchot (pieu en bois portant les moules dans l’estran) procure au coquillage une saveur à dominante sucrée qui la différencie des autres origines.

La texture de sa chair orangée est onctueuse et fondante, et en raison du pieu sur lequel elle pousse, son arôme est légèrement boisé. Les moules Morisseau® se dégustent de la mi-juin à fin décembre.


Our company is entirely and exclusively dedicated to seafood products and has specialised purchase divisions for each major product family. We have always thought that the special products we distribute deserve specialised salesmen. We won’t be able to mention all the product references we market, but we are passionate about all of them.

It’s our favorite product, with which we began this whole adventure 90 years ago and for which Demarne remains the leading company in terms of sales volume, commercializing about 7.500 tons per year. Our goal is to constantly offer the best mussels available according to their characteristics and seasonality.
Following stric specifications and specific certifications throughout the chain, benefiting from the profound expertise of our buyers, we’ve set up partnerships with mussel cultivators and producers from all countries (France, the Netherlands, Spain, Italy, Greece, United Kingdom, Denmark etc.).

It’s our core competence in Boulogne-sur-Mer, where our sourcing in Northern Europe and our daily purchases on the auctions supply our filleting factory and enables us to offer our clients in Rungis or all over the country a wide variety of fillets, portioned or whole fishes.

We place a great deal of value on fisheries and wholesalers’ choice, requiring an outstanding level of quality and regularity. Our approvers and quality checkers make sure every day in the field that we keep our promises and fulfill our commitments. Promoting environmental protection and respect for natural resources through MSC or pavillon France certifications for example has also always been a concern and a priority for us.

We select the best oysters, from all production aeras and breeding basins : the Claires from Marennes Oléron, the Thau basin, the Conchs from Ireland, the Utah Beach oysters parks, Quiberon bay and many others. Each of these rich terroirs offers unique specificity.

The oyster farmers expertise and hard labour are essential to give birth to this noble product we are honored to deliver to the finest tables worldwide.

From alive brown shrimps to Label Rouge and organic prawn from Madagascar or French Imperial shrimps, we commercialize all species and types available in different forms or storage methods.
We follow strict controls over our products in breeding centers, processors, cooking plants.

Our wide and varied shellfish product offering also includes lobsters, crabs and crayfishes of all countries.
Our fishponds/tanks, mainly used for lobsters and crabs, enable us to ensure responsiveness and optimum quality to our valued clients.

Our 3000m3 capacity storage under negative cold conditions, located in our two sites, permanently provides a wide range of products, directly imported for most of them.

Our freezers contain products from the five continents and one major guiding principle, to offer a complementary range to fresh seafood.

Supplied directly from fisheries and fish auctions, we offer a wide range of shellfish, mostly coming from French coasts. As naturally wild products, they are highly sensitive to climatic hazards and require perfect knowledge of fishing and gathering.

Throughout the year, according to the season, we offer the best species such as whelks, periwinkles, clams, warty venus, smooth clams, razor clams, live sea urchins, carpet shells and many others.
Various cooked ready-to-eat products are also available.

This product family, which contains salting and seafood delicatessen products, is currently expanding, and responds to new trends in consumption : seeking innovative and high quality products, fast and easy to use.

The entire product range is presented and available in our two stores in Rungis and Boulogne-sur-Mer.

Our positioning upstream from seafood marketing networks brought us to develop a wide range of processed products under our own
The range comprises terrines, seafood salads, smoked salmons, shrimps in brine, marinated anchovies, surimi, spreadable products etc.

Our commitments

Our top-priority commitment is to meet the needs and aspirations of our customers and also ensuring quality products and services in compliance with regulations and respecting our values.

It is our responsibility to achieve and guarantee food safety thanks to our intern quality management system. We established a HACCP approach analyzing all potential product contamination risks. Biological, chemical and physical hazards as well as allergens are analysed and monitored on a regular basis.

Our products are checked upon receipt by our quality controllers. Samples are regularly taken and subjected to extensive microbiological and physicochemical analysis (eg. histamine levels, listeria, Escherichia coli, traces of heavy metals etc.) in accordance with our quality control plan. These analysis are performed by a COFRAC-accredited laboratory.

We are committed to :

  • Ensuring full products traceability from upstream to downstream
  • Controlling our purchases, the production modes, the origins of products as well as fish and breeding areas sanitary conditions.
  • Managing food alerts to warn our clients and consumers as fast as possible in the event of serious risks for human health.

Our aim is also to develop and promote sustainable and ecological seafood products.
Our processing and distribution sites are certified organic agriculture and MSC (sustainable fisheries)..

Demarne is a family business that has placed human values at the heart of its activities.
We provide training to our employees to increase their expertise and share our passion for our business.

We often recruit new employees so please send us your application by email : recrutement@demarnefreres.com

Equal pay index DEMARNE: INCALCULABLE DEMARNE - detail of the 2021 indicators
Pay gap between men and women (out of 40 points): INCALCULABLE
Distribution of individual increases (out of 35 points): 35/35
Increases upon return from maternity leave (out of 15 points): 15/15
Gender balance within the ten highest salaries (out of 10 points): 0/10

Any request ?

For special requests, specific needs, questions, suggestions,
please leave us your message and we will contact you shortly.

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Demarne Rungis

5, Rue des Claires
94569 Rungis Cedex

Tél. : +33 1 45 60 80 80
Fax : +33 1 45 60 80 51

Demarne Boulogne sur Mer

5, Rue d'Alsace
62200 Boulogne-sur-Mer

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